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Comfort, hydration, higher performance is what we aspire in contact lenses, therefor we introduce you to the latest technologies of lenses to fit every environment, visual need, and keep your eyes healthy.
Keep your eyes hydrated, New day New lens when going for dailies contact lenses , you are allowing your eyes to breath more, reduce their exposure to chemical products. Pass by to get yours customized.
Astigmatic prescription could not be correct with any contact lenses therefor we present the toric collection, whether its a monthly or daily contact lens, we will fit you with the lens geometry that fits your corneal measurements.
For a more natural look, forget about those reading glasses, get your contact lenses upgraded! Depending on your prescription, order your MULTIFOCAL lenses today , whether daily or monthly our optometrist will fit you with the best contact lens that’s suit your eye health and lifestyle.

Have a challenging case?

Regular eyeglasses and contact lenses wont do the job, we present for you the new Hard Scleral lenses. No more hard lens intolerance